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Near Prime Repro is very high quality recycled material whose properties are close to virgin. The main goal of this material is to help you save significant amount of money without sacrificing the quality.
Our manufacturing facilities help us control the quality of our materials. Materials are checked at every batch in a lab. In addition, the scrap is purchased locally in Taiwan to ensure that we are in 100% control of the input. We heavily regulate every aspect of the process to ensure that the product is of the highest quality.
The price difference ranges from one product to the other and usually range from $400/MT to $150/MT difference. Using just 50MT per month would result in savings of $7,500 to $20,000 per month. The more you use, the more savings you get!
For Near Prime Repro, payment terms are only available to existing long term clients up to 180 days LC or DA. Qualification for this is through our grading system which measures client quality.
Near Prime Repro production capacity currently stands at 1,000MT per month. That being said, we sell out quickly every month. We always welcome new clients and will find a way to accomodate you. We encourage signing yearly contracts with clients to make sure that they lock in savings and availability.
The factory is located in the middle of Taiwan, in a city called Taichung. It gives us the perfect platform to receive plastic materials from across the country.
We understand that there are lots of scrupulous companies on the internet. You are welcome to come visit us and see for yourself. Another way to build trust is to sign up for our FREE monthly polymers report – this will help you to see that we are dedicated to helping you.
CANEI was born in Canada. This is our home. Our location will help us to take advantage of the coming shale gas boom in the USA and help our clients even more.
This depends on the product ordered but is usually around 25 – 30 days.
This would depend on the country and its proximity to where it is being shipped from. Usually, it ranges from 7 to 40 days.
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