Humble Beginnings

CANEI was born out of a simple need – high quality repro materials. We searched far and wide – on alibaba, online, at trade shows – but were consistently disappointed by the quality of the materials. Some shipments would be great, others would not.

Thus, we set out to do the job ourselves. Partnering with old friends that manufactured plastic machinery, we created a new brand of recycled material – NEAR PRIME. This material is meant to substitute virgin and yet provides cost savings to give you a competitive advantage.

Strict Quality Control

We set high standards for ourselves – with a full range of testing equipment in the lab, materials are tested several times in each shift. If the material does not meet quality, the whole batch will go for a second shift in the machinery.

Range of Products

Many of our clients soon began to ask us for additional products – and we responded. We have an ever expanding line of products including HD, LD & PP. This year has resulted in us launching new products that will help our clients cut even more costs.

News to help you stay ahead

Our recent product launch was one that would help all decisions makers in the plastic industry predict and take quick steps to save money. No more reading of lengthy time-consuming reports. We give you the news in 60 seconds and help you make decisions quickly. Check it out here.

Your Next Step

Ready to order? Contact us now. Or, if you just want to check us out, sign up for our monthly news reports where we help you predict how the polymer markets are going to behave. Let us help you to boost your profits!

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